John Lewis JLBIOS625 Built-In Single Multifunctional Oven with Added Steam, Stainless Steel





With its light-up touch controls, the John Lewis JLBIOS625 built-in multifunction oven puts you in complete control of an array of cooking methods with conventional convection heating, fan oven and an added steam function. With a sleek stainless steel trim, this large, family-sized unit will add the finishing touch to any well-equipped kitchen. It is rated A for energy efficiency Versatility Steam ovens are not just great for cooking foods such as vegetables and fish, this oven also provides more versatile all-round cooking, enabling you to create juicy chicken dishes, scrumptious casseroles, delicious sponges and cakes, and perfectly cooked rice. And of course, the oven can be used for conventional convection heating or as a fan oven. Multiple functions Multifunction cooking combining either convection or fan heating with the steam function can be highly effective for bread baking, quarter steam and heat, dough proving and for pizzas. The oven’s qualities also make it perfect for low temperature/slow cooking. A food probe for measuring temperatures is an essential piece of kit in this type of cooking, and one is supplied with the oven. It also offers defrost and keep warm functions. Easy cleaning An anti-fingerprint coating will help keep the stainless steel finish looking smart, while pyrolitic liners take all the hard work out of cleaning the oven’s interior. A special, high-temperature programme burns off food residues and grease, leaving a light ash deposit which can be simply wiped clean with a damp cloth. Extra features The oven has a soft-close door and an interior light so you can check the progress of your cooking as needed. Additional accessories included a chrome trivet and two wire shelves which can located at any of five levels inside the oven cavity.

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